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The following is a brief overview of the parts of your accounts that are required and that we deal with for you as standard.

Company Formation and Setup

This is the formation of the company. We charge a flat fee of £50 including VAT, which includes the cost charged by Companies House to form the company. We will setup all aspects of the company, including VAT registration and Payroll.

Accounting Compliance

These are the annual accounts that show the profits of your business. These are required by law and are used in calculating your tax liabilities as well as for items such as mortgage/lettings references and finance applications.

Monthly Payroll

This is the administration of the part of your earnings that is a salary through the company that attracts a tax deduction. A failure to file this on time is subject to a fine.

VAT Returns

If you charge VAT on your sales, you are required by law to complete a VAT return every 3 months and to pay the money to HMRC. Being VAT registered can be beneficial to your business, please contact us for more details.

Companies House Returns

Each year you are required to inform Companies House of the directors and shareholders of the company through an 'Annual Return'.

Personal Tax Returns

Every director is required by law to complete a personal tax return. This includes all your personal income details and needs to be filed each year.

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So Why Use Us?

Let’s be honest – you don’t really want an accountant do you! However ..... You wouldn’t let someone with a car licence drive a lorry, why would you let an unqualified accountant or worse still an Umbrella Company be responsible for preparing your accounts.

At Driver Accountants we have developed a simple, tried and tested system. Everything we provide you with is designed with the following in mind - You spend your time on the road, not at a desk and you rely on us to keep you on the right side of the tax man – doing what we are good at while you do what you are good at.

We all hear the stories of what certain people are paying in tax, and what they have claimed for.

We guarantee the lowest legitimate tax bills that are possible and transparency with plain English definitions.

Cheaper than an Umbrella Company, lower risk than an Umbrella Company, better than an Umbrella Company.

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Why Choose Us ?

We are fully qualified accountants and have many years' experience of doing what we do best - your accounts!

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