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Driver Accountants aim to be the number one accountants for Self Employed Lorry Drivers in the country. Geography is no barrier to simple and most importantly, good quality accountancy.

Driver Accountants was formed by Robert Bowden – a 30 something accountant who grew up in a Steel Town in the Midlands. With a belief that HGV drivers are the nicest people in the world to work with he set about creating a system based around drivers for drivers.

We are currently rolling out our new software which will enable you to do your accounts from your mobile phone, in under 1 minute a day, whilst keeping you completely legally compliant.

We also offer a simple and easy to use paper based system that will cut your workload significantly.

  • Fully Qualified
  • Friendly & Reliable
  • Tried & Tested
  • Plain Speaking
  • Making Your Life Easier

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So Why Use Us?

Let’s be honest – you don’t really want an accountant do you! However ..... You wouldn’t let someone with a car licence drive a lorry, why would you let an unqualified accountant or worse still an Umbrella Company be responsible for preparing your accounts.

At Driver Accountants we have developed a simple, tried and tested system. Everything we provide you with is designed with the following in mind - You spend your time on the road, not at a desk and you rely on us to keep you on the right side of the tax man – doing what we are good at while you do what you are good at.

We all hear the stories of what certain people are paying in tax, and what they have claimed for.

We guarantee the lowest legitimate tax bills that are possible and transparency with plain English definitions.

Cheaper than an Umbrella Company, lower risk than an Umbrella Company, better than an Umbrella Company.

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What We Do

We offer a complete accounting and book keeping service for professional drivers. You drive, we do the rest.

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We provide a full featured service at a very reasonable cost. Pay monthly by Direct Debit.

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